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Nirvana Revenge

by Tapulous, Inc.
Nirvana Revenge takes the hit series of Tap Tap Revenge games to the next level, this time featuring 13 massive hits from the most famous Grunge band of all time.

This special edition of Tap Tap Revenge features:
* 13 classics from Nirvana.
* 4 rich boss tracks in landscape, customized for each song.
* Battle mode to hone your skills against an opponent across a bluetooth network.
* Four addictive difficulty levels.
* Nightly Nirvana, snippets from Nirvana talk radio on your way into each game.
* Superior stability, blazing performance, and band history section.

Track list:
* All Apologies
* Breed
* Breed (Live)
* Come As You Are
* Heart Shaped Box
* In Bloom
* Lithium
* Lithium (Live)
* Rape Me
* Smells Like Teen Spirit
* Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live)
* Stay Away
* You Know You're Right

The Tap Tap Revenge series are the most popular games on the iPhone.

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Nirvana Revenge Nirvana Revenge Nirvana Revenge Nirvana Revenge Nirvana Revenge

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