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Shazam Encore

by Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Shazam Encore now has LyricPlay, where you can see synced lyrics as the music plays for over 25,000 of the most popular Shazam’d tracks. Sing-along or just find out the words you’re curious about!
With Encore you can enjoy exclusive features including unlimited tagging, Play in Spotify and Recommendations; as well as all Shazam’s features: identify a track, buy it, check out the videos, get the lyrics, share with friends – and more.
It’s the slicker, faster way to discover more about music!

Upgrade your music journey with Encore:

• Unlimited tagging, so don't miss a music moment - tag as often as you like
• Identify what song is playing and preview and buy** the track direct on iTunes
• With LyricPlay you can watch and sing-along to the lyrics as they scroll, jump or slide in real-time with the song
• Plus licensed lyrics for over 500,000 tracks
• Check out your friends tagged music and add tracks straight to your own Tag List
• Get Music Recommendations to discover similar music, and add tracks you like to your Tag List
• If you have or Pandora Apps create a Station using your tagged music
• Play in Spotify to listen to full tracks you tagged or discovered from Recommendations and the Shazam Charts

*Previewing and buying music requires iTunes music store in your country. Previews courtesy of iTunes.
LyricPlay & Lyrics available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
LyricPlay requires iOS 4.0 or later. available in US, UK and Germany only. Pandora is available in US only.
Shazam supports iPod touch. External microphone required for older models (without a camera).
None of the competitions featured in Shazam are conducted by, or sponsored by Apple Inc. Please refer to competition pages for applicable terms and conditions before entering.

Recent changes:
Fixed in 4.8.8: ○ Fixed intermittent “Connection Issue” on startup/tagging ○ Improved stability for the super fast iPhone 4S New in Recent Versions: ○ Look for the Shazam logo on-screen in TV shows and commercials to interact, get exclusive content and other surprises. LyricPlay ○ An incredible full screen visualization of lyrics in time with the song you identified ○ Sing along or just discover lyrics in a fun new way ○ Over 25,000 songs supported ○ Available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia & New Zealand. Shazam Friends ○ See what your friends on Facebook are tagging ○ Instantly listen to a preview, add to your tag list and buy on iTunes if you like it ○ Share your own discoveries with your friends as well ○ It only takes a few taps to get it setup: look for the “Friends” tab at the bottom of your screen

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