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:)Quiet music - soul to enjoy - a beautiful chapter notes HD

by Tou Yan
Quiet ethereal music Wonderland, the spotless nature notes, forest mood, atmosphere ocean, mountain echo, unconventional music and streamlined instrument configuration, with the intention of nature and popular elements, each song has emerged as a freshnatural flavor, very leisurely fascinating. You can feel the mood of the forest, green and cozy; marine atmosphere you breathe better. Immersive nature, music, real music to create a pure world, so you get rid of the chaotic hustle and bustle of the world, return to the delightful nature. 

After repeated experiments and explore the people found that the pace was slow and serene rhythm of music can stimulate the body to reduce the role of hormones and excitement, listening to this music, you can make people feel relaxed and comfortable; instrumental beats faster to increase with stimulus the role of hormones, people's heart rate, blood pressure; melodic music can enhance and regulate excitatory cortical inhibition inhibition process, so that tends to balance, so that mental fatigue can be overcome. 

Red mountain sunset, sunset figure out from stemming the flow of music, the sun was setting slowly, along with vibrant sunset, into the shiny world of music. Time is to slip away, bit by bit to the accumulation of memories, along with the music beat to life, you will find: either Weiaichikuang years, or the perseverance of the time for love, everything but the sand of time Only music is eternal! With notes exquisitely carved, quietly lit mind, let the soul bathed in the sounds of nature music, hard to touch the mysterious natural ...... 

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1: to restore some bug 2: optimization improve application implementation performance. 3: fixed a part of the picture. Wrong

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:)Quiet music - soul to enjoy - a beautiful chapter notes HD

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