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Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex

by ASK Video
Learn Polyplex now with Matt Vanacoro with this video tutorial app!

Native Instruments' Polyplex, with its Twisted Tool's design, is an unpredictable beat maker that delivers inspirational, unexpected results. Learn how to harness its random, rhythmic energy in this very non-random course!

Poly = many
Plex = to strike or beat

Polyplex! You get the point! There are so "many" ways to generate "beats" with this new Twisted Tools/Native Instruments collaboration that we called upon master trainer Matt Vanacoro to decipher this radical, Reaktor-base beat machine... and that's exactly what he does!

The trick to dealing with randomness is to learn how to control it. Complete randomness is chaos. Controlled randomness can be artistic and exciting. And that's exactly what Matt Vanacoro shows you in this course. He shows you how to harness Polyplex's unpredictable beats and samples, using the built-in controls, to create the perfect (and sometimes surprising) drum tracks for your music. It's almost like you're collaborating with Polyplex rather than telling it exactly what you want it to do!

So join Matt as he explores and demystifies every parameter of Polyplex from its cool interface to its deepest functionality in this 20+ tutorial course. Then, as an added bonus, be sure to download the informative sample-filled Resource Files he provides to get you up and running fast.

Learn Polyplex now with Matt Vanacoro!

Table of Contents:

1. What is Polyplex? (01:15)
2. Loading a Polyplex Ensemble (03:17)
3. Setting Up Audio & MIDI (04:52)
4. Loading a Factory Snapshot (02:51)
5. Polyplex & Reaktor's Controls (03:31)
6. The Polyplex Toolbar (06:02)
7. The Kit Window (04:07)
8. An Overview of the Edit Section (04:59)
9. Working With Samples (03:06)
10. Locking & Linking Layers (03:17)
11. Copying, Pasting & Adjusting Sound Settings (03:09)
12. The Envelope Page (02:58)
13. The EQ Page (04:06)
14. Insert Effects (04:10)
15. Send Effects (03:31)
16. Using Custom Samples (05:09)
17. Randomizing Parameters (05:36)
18. Using the LFO (05:06)
19. Envelope Modulation (02:39)
20. Velocity Modulation (03:17)
21. MIDI Trigger Modulation (03:07)
22. The Custom Preset Package (08:51)

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Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex

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