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Doggie Audio

by Chai Fung Cheng
Doggie Audio is a specially designed music equalizer for music enthusiasts, use the exact algorithm to achieve the perfect frequency adjustment.

Doggie Audio uses the Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm and other accurate FFT algorithm. The algorithm through mathematical method that can adjust the music of the frequency is completely accurate. Meanwhile, in order to provide better sound quality, calculate in double-precision floating point so the calculation error is less than 0.00000001.

When the need to adjust the EQ is playing a song, you only need to enter the EQ by placing device horizontally. After entering the EQ controller will repeat the single song until you exit the EQ controller. It ensure that will not skip to the next song to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Doggie Audio Features:
• Landscape EQ controls to keep the screen clear.
• Use accurate algorithms, such as Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm and other accurate FFT algorithm. And double-precision floating-point arithmetic, equivalent to 64 bits sampling or 5644kbps (in 44100Hz with two-channel).
• Supports background mode. Supports for music controller in Mission Control and lockscreen music controller. Also supports headset wire control.
• Each single music can be adjusted independently EQ settings, you can turn off individual songs EQ function.
• iPod library support many compression format, we recommend using AAC or Apple Lossless achieve the best sound effects.

1. AAC is a lossy compression format, as better sound quality than MP3.
2. Apple Lossless for the next generation of Apple's announcement of lossless compression techniques. In addition to its lossless compression capabilities, and also support decode while playing, streaming, album art and song information.

Recent changes:
1. UI update 2. Improve performance

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