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Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex
ASK Video
Learn Polyplex now with Matt Vanacoro with this video tutorial app! Native Instruments' Polyplex, with its Twisted Tool's design, is an unpredictable beat maker that delivers inspirational, unexpected results. Learn...
Ears Music
Andrew glew
A new means of listening to your iTunes music collection and visualising it in a way never seen before. Instantly see which artists you have the most music from! Check which years you prefer. Move the circles around...
아이들의 노래
Jun Qian
당신의 아이가 매일 듣고하는이 응용 프로그램은, 화려한 사진과 함께 한국어 아이들이 좋아하는 노래의 수백을 포함합니다. 당신이 좋아하는 노래를 선택하거나...
Never Give Up!
Ruiping Qiu
Do you love hard game? Do you love crazy music? If you love, come to play NEVER GIVE UP. In the game you need to help Walnut in jumping through 9 different tracks. Looking forward to your NEVER GIVE UP! *************...
Doggie Audio
Chai Fung Cheng
Doggie Audio is a specially designed music equalizer for music enthusiasts, use the exact algorithm to achieve the perfect frequency adjustment. Doggie Audio uses the Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm and other accurate FFT...
Unit27 Looper
Ricardo Balderas
Improve your scratching speed and technique with Unit27 Looper. Connect your device output to your mixer, launch one of the 13 loops included, and practice your cuts! Features: - 13 loops produced by Unit27 built...
Melody Mate
Robert A Farrell
Melody Mate for iPad and iPhone Designed by musicians for musicians, Melody Mate helps you practise and transcribe your favourite tunes by letting you change the speed and pitch independently of one another. You can...
Ukulele Chords Breakdown
Christian Liang
Tired of the common forgettable chord charts? "Ukulele Chords Breakdown" presents chords in a fresh unique new way! Chords are broken down string by note by note, string by string. "Ukulele Chords Breakdown"...
MC Analyzer
Sascha Bienert
MC Analyzer is a powerful digital multichannel real-time analyzer and full scale level meter for your iPad or iPhone. It displays signals from the internal microphones as well as the 3.5 mm audio jack. In combination...
Naxos Digital Services Ltd.
Welcome to the first extensive iPad app for choral singers! Singing in choirs has never been more popular. From all-inclusive non-audition groups to top-notch ensembles, the world of choral singing is thriving. Naxos,...
Ukulele Chords and Scales
scott sopata
This app makes learning scales and chords easy. It will show you: - where to put your finger. - how the notes relate to each other. - how chords and scales relate Best yet is shows you patterns all over the fretboard....
Skynet, Inc.
SPlayerX is a video and music player worthy of the elegant iPhone/iPad. SPlayerX is all-powerful to run files in almost any video format. It has currently the following formats covered: rm, rmvb, avi, mp4, wm, wmv,...
iCast 2
Anthony Myatt
iCast is the must have app for the internet broadcaster wanting to take their show on the road. Used by both the seasoned broadcaster and those seeking an entry point into the world of online broadcasting; iCast is...
Music Paradise Player Plus
Music Paradise, LLC
FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Music Paradise Player Plus - one of the most awesome and powerful player! Nothing can stand between you and music - best music player can always be with you now! If you're a real music...
FamiPiano 2
FamiPiano 2 is a piano app based on 8-bit game machine. [features] - Different sound in same time at the top and bottom pianos. - All settings in one screen. [waves] - Pulse (Duty Cycle: 12.5% / 25% / 50% / 25%...
Rainy Day-听雨Rainy Sounds,Relaxing-A person's rainy day
li Yong
► ► ► Rainy Sounds,the Rainy day ► ► Relaxing-A person's rainy day ► 付费音乐排行 Top 10, 抢先下载 It is the most personalized sleep and relaxation experience that you can possibly have. Give...
EDMForYou Radio Pro
Denis Kopylov
Listen fresh electronic dance music on EDMForYou Radio 24/7. Selected tracks, constantly updated content, more than 1000 tracks in rotation. Radio contains 3 programs: "Fresh EDM" - in this program you will be able to...
Chordana Composer
An easy way to create your own original tunes! Chordana Composer makes it easy for you to write your own tunes, even if you don't know how to compose music. You can enter a motif (two-bar melody) using your choice of 3...
A Jump
Tobias Folprecht
How high can you jump? Touch the ball and beat in as much as possible! Be careful not to be blocked from the bar . Be swept away in a simple look fool .. It is difficult and addictive! Once started , you can not stop!...
Music Freedom Pro Free Music Streaming and Mixtapes
Sepia Software LLC
Want to Play Thousands of Songs for Free? Music Freedom gives you the freedom to play and listen to thousands of songs with no limits! Search, Listen, and Stream thousands of sounds and artists. Concerts, Remixes, and...