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My Wardrobe App

by Alisa Karlova
It’s time to put your wardrobe in order – true diamonds can be hiding under this pile of clothes! Our new extremely useful app My Wardrobe will help you to catalogue your apparel and create awesome looks.

With My Wardrobe you can get the most out of your closet. You may not expect what treasures can be in your wardrobe. With powerful dress organizer tool you will be able to sharpen your style sense and plan what to wear that particular day. Start managing your clothes and style right now with My Wardrobe useful tool.

My Wardrobe will allow you to make collections out of your clothes and catalogue them. Divide apparel into categories and collection for all occasions – for example you can create a list of clothes for a party, or a picnic, or a working day, etc.
Take a photo of your clothes, import it into the app, remove background and add to the category and collection.
Use calendar to plan your looks for the exact dates.
Get useful fashion advice from your style guidebook!

My Wardrobe FEATURES:
- Powerful closet organization and management tool
- Built-in photo editor for background removing
- Calendar – plan your looks in advance
- Customize – add new categories and collection – everything is fully customizable
- Create a gallery of your favorite looks
- Get your style advice every day

My Wardrobe – get the full benefit of your closet! Start planning your looks and sharpen your style.

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My Wardrobe App My Wardrobe App My Wardrobe App My Wardrobe App

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