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We obsessively cover the auto industry at Autoblog, but keeping up with the latest auto news should not require being chained to your desk or stuck in a coffee shop. With the Autoblog app, you can now take the latest in automotive news, reviews and event coverage wherever you go.

In addition to Autoblog, you also have on-the-go access to the latest news from the green scene by AutoblogGreen, as well as what’s happening at the convergence of technology and cars by Translogic. And because we know that, like us, you’re always shopping for your next auto, we’ve included the best new car shopping tool from AOL Autos called Best Deals to help you buy the right car at the right price from the right dealer.

- Get it here first: You can count on Autoblog to deliver the most up-to-date auto news before anyone else.
- Four apps in one: In addition to Autoblog, read green news with AutoblogGreen, check out new technology with Translogic, and find the Best Deal on your next car with AOL Autos.
- Beautiful images: View gorgeous images of cars on the go.
oGet the edge: Build and configure your new car and get an AOL Autos Best Deals price before or even at the dealership.
- Be prepared: A built-in loan calculator arms you with the numbers you need.
- Let us remember it for you: Save your configurations or build cars on the fly so you have the details with you.
- Get feedback: Share an interesting article with your friends and family or get their feedback on your new ride.

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