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Rien à me mettre
Guillaume Jarysta-Dautel
Grâce aux possibilités de géolocalisation de l'iPhone et de l'iPod Touch, recevez chaque jour une idée de tenue adaptée à la météo de la ville où vous vous trouvez ! Version 1.0 - fonctionne uniquement en...
Dive Planner
PunkStar Studios
Made for the certified scuba diver. Based on the Navy Dive Tables (not PADI) the source for all other tables. These tables allow you to dive deeper and longer than some of the other proprietary tables out there....
Daily Recipe
Derek Ting
**ON SALE: 50% off for a limited time only** Provides a new healthy recipe everyday and if you like the recipe, you are able to save it to your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you do not like the recipe anymore you saved, you...
Elegant Torch: The Nightstand Companion
Elegant Technologies, LLC
What is this? Elegant Torch was built to live next to your bed. You'll find a booklight, a nightlight, and a timer for taking short naps. Great for both everyday use and when sleeping in unfamiliar rooms. Yeah, but...
CF iViewer
Note: This app is a legacy product, do not use for new systems. Instead, use iViewer4 (search for it on the App Store). CF iViewer only exists on the app store to support our customers who have a working system using...
Alcohol Aware
iPips Limited
Not many people understand how many units they are actually drinking a week, or how their drinking compares to medical and health expert recommendations. This intuitive application provides a quick way of calculating...
Apical Studios
Quickly call the most important people in your life with a singe tap (speed dialing). Who do you call the most? Most likely it's your significant other or a best friend. Tapping the HiFIVE icon on the home screen will...
Do you often wonder when it's a good time to ask for a raise at work, run that marathon, or ask your personal interest on a date? Knowing the state of your biorhythm can help you pursue and achieve those ambitions by...
TriggerWave LLC
Keep track of your drinking. DrinkBuddy includes dozens of pre-loaded drinks you can select to keep tabs on your BAC and drink intake. When you first start a new drink, enter it in DrinkBuddy. It'll keep track of your...
Blackjack Strategy Cards
Swamiware LLC
Never go to the casino without your Blackjack Strategy Cards. Quickly refer to the cards for improving your odds against the casino. Know when to stand, hit, double down, split and even surrender depending on the...
James Mattis
Out for a night on the town? Heading to a party with your friends? BarHopper helps track the number of drinks you've consumed, and estimates your blood alcohol level using your weight, sex, number of drinks you've...
WikiMe is a fun and interesting way to find Wikipedia articles for your current location or a postal code of your choice. By default WikiMe uses the current location found by your device to search for geotagged...
Green Grocer - Shopping lists (formerly Foodle)
Anything Honest
The fastest list in the West. "I have no idea how I managed without it." - Gaia50 "Simple, quick, and easy to use. I tried three other list programs before this, and it's perfect for me. It's great for shopping, to-do...
KosherMe Jewish Prayer 101 NEW: All Prayers and Blessings come in Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Edot HazMirach and Nusach Sefardi. Jews around the world have just entered the year 5769. A good and sweet year to all of you!...
Goodrec Inc
Goodrec is the easiest way to make, find and remember recommendations for restaurants, nightlife, books, movies and more from your friends and sources you trust. One click brings up an interactive map of your location...
Mating Call (Female) — Speed Dial
UtiliTouch, Inc.
Call your girl with just 1 tap! You love her and you love your iPhone, but launching the Phone app, tapping Favorites, flicking to the top of the list, and tapping her name is a lot of steps! You call her all the time....
Mating Call (Male) — Speed Dial
UtiliTouch, Inc.
Call your guy with just 1 tap! You love him and you love your iPhone, but launching the Phone app, tapping Favorites, flicking to the top of the list, and tapping his name is a lot of steps! You call him all the time....
Magic Orakul
Zaph, LLC
Behold the might and wisdom of the ancient Magic Orakul!   Have a question?  Need answers?  Don't know who to ask?  The Orakul knows all, sees all, and generously shares these prophetic visions with you.  Not only...
Top Shelf Drinks
Affogato LLC
"The magic of Top Shelf is that it thinks the way most of us do." - NYTimes.com "Top Shelf should win a prize for the most refined cocktail application for the iPhone and iPod touch." - Macworld.com...
Cellfire Mobile Coupons
Cellfire Inc.
Like to save money on groceries? Cellfire brings you coupons from your favorite brands, allowing you to save money on every trip to the grocery store. You can easily access deals across multiple grocers and brands—...