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Zazen - Meditation Timer

by InnoBytes, Wolfgang Kohrt
In zen buddhism, zazen (seated meditation) is a meditative discipline.

This nice timer utility guides you practicing zazen and other meditative disciplines using sounds and background images.

Use the stones for time setting or choose enhanced time setting:

You are able to customize your meditation sessions, each containing as many meditation events as you need. Each event can have it‘s own sound. You can choose a sound from a predefined chimes list, or you can add your own chimes and background music from the iPod. The duration of each event can be variable or fixed. Finally choose a background image for your meditation from a predefined image list or add an image from your iPhoto library.

A journal tracks all your meditation sessions in chronological order.

Alternatively, use the timer to simply fall asleep with your favorite music. The timer will stop the iPod automatically after a predefined time.

Now touch the candlelight to start your meditation, take a breath, relax and wait for the first gong sound to come...

● Support's Zazen, QiGong and other meditation purposes
● Animated buddha image with flickering candlelight through the session
● Stone time setting interface for zazen meditation
● Enhanced time setting interface for individual meditation sessions
● Shows current meditation event and remaining time
● Shows total remaining time
● Time intervals
● Background music available (iPod)
● Chimes list
● Background image list
● Screensaver
● iPod music library access
● iPhoto library access

Recent changes:
Fixed: App crashed when playing iPod sounds on iOS 5.0.1.

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Zazen - Meditation Timer Zazen - Meditation Timer Zazen - Meditation Timer Zazen - Meditation Timer Zazen - Meditation Timer

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