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by Stevens Creek Software
The software that pays for itself! Keep track of all your deductible (or reimbursable) mileage and lower your taxes!
• Track mileage in four categories (business, charity, medical, and other by default; user-configurable) for three different cars
• Record a date, distance, category, destination and, optionally, purpose for each trip, as well as tolls and parking when applicable
• Record either trip mileage or start/finish odometer readings
• Optionally record start/end time for each trip
• Immediate (same screen) view of three most recent entries to see whether you entered yesterday's trip, and to confirm correct entry of the current trip; full scrolling log view on separate screen.
• Save "frequent trips" for one-tap data entry
• Quickly add up total mileage for different time periods (e.g., last year, last week)
• Email your entire log or portions of it (by date) to yourself or your accountant for tax records, or to your company for reimbursement
• Watch a QuickTime movie of the software in action at
• Read the complete online manual at
NOTE: A great many of the "reviews" of this software apply to version 1.0 of the software and are no longer applicable (current version is 2.0). The very first review, for example, entitled "Accountant says it needs to be actual odometer readings," is rated helpful by 29 out of 31 customers. However it is actually quite UNhelpful, because the software ALLOWS you to record actual odometer readings if that is what you want. Other inaccuracies permeate the reviews.

Recent changes:
Fixed a bug which required you to set "Use Start/End Times" BEFORE using the program the first time or else the program would crash.

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