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AR Monster

by Hudson Entertainment
Search for hidden monsters from all over the world through your Camera!

AR Monster is a Role Playing Game using the Augmented Reality technology.

"AR Monster" is compatible with;
- iPhone 3GS or later
*Since its gameplay requires GPS and a built-in-compass, AR Monster is not available for iPod touch series.

A monster will appear in the world taken through the camera. Search for it by pointing
the view finder in various directions!

Different monsters will appear due to the use of the GPS function, so change of location means completely new monsters. There maybe monsters that appear only in certain areas!?

Tap the appeared monster to start up the battle!
Attack their weak points by using the 6 types of weapons wisely.

Once the monster is defeated, they are registered in the "Book of Sealing".
Thus creating your own collection of Monsters!
Will you be the one to gather all 600 monsters to complete the Book of Sealing!?

AR Monster uses your current location as reference.
The monsters will not properly appear if the GPS Usage is turned off.
Be sure to turn on the GPS function.

- Free roaming Role-playing game with over 600 various Monsters and over 140 equipments!
A simple but deep battle system of assessing what weapons work best against the monsters' weak points!

- In the "Book of Sealing", you can check not just the defeated monsters' image, parameters, and # of wins,
but also other collecables as the location where it was defeated or a photo of the memorable location!

- Purchase weapons and equipments via shop in the game to gain the upper hand.
There are also Prize that gives you random equipmentsor weapons depending on its feeling and your luck.
*The contents in SHOP menu needs to be purchased except for the Once-per-day Free vending machine.

- AR Monster is compatible with OpenFeint, allowing various achievements, leaderboard containing players from around the globe, and conversing with friends via
text messages.

- The location where the monster was defeated can be confirmed on the map within the "Book of Sealing", but the placed pin maybe different from the actual location of the battle since the area is detected by the GPS function.

- When searching for monsters, be cautious of your surroundings. Please avoid use in potentially dangerous places such as stairs, roads, station platforms and

- This application uses the camera during play which may result in 3D sickness. Please stop playing the game immediately if you are feeling any such symptoms.
Avoid playing for an extensive amount of time, and take frequent rests between plays.

- Please note that facing the camera directly into the sun may result in Retinal injury.

Your saved data is stored in your device running application.
If you delete the application, you will reset all your items and data. (*Except certain purchased items.) Please remind it before you delete the application.
*You can ONLY restore the weapons and armors that have bought at the "SHOP" > "BUY".

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DynaFont isa trademark of DynaComware Taiwan Inc.

Recent changes:
- Fixed for iOS 5

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