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! CrAzY eMoJi !

by tridrops
!!! work with iOS 4 !!!
#1 on the Moon 
#1 on the Jupiter 
#5 on Mars 
#10 at the Solar System 

most popular app among green and gray aliens.

Don't be afraid  to join them ... it so crazy ...
Over 460 icons to use...

Use emoji icons trought any application (mail, sms, mms, notes etc.).*

To enable it, download and run 'CrAzY eMoJi', press crazy face  , you will hear crazy laugh, then press enable button.

Now go to Settings Application > General > International > Keyboards > Japaneese
and switch 'Emoji' to ON position. Restart phone (without restarting you aren't able to use emoji in mail app).
To use them in any app, just tap the globe button on the keyboard.

Be crazy, showu you emotions with emoji icons ...

Localized manual in English, Polish, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

* You can only use Emoji icons when sending to another iPhone,iPod owner. Other may see garbage characters

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! CrAzY eMoJi !

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