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Truveo Video Search

by AOL Inc.
There's more than one site for videos on the iPhone and iPod touch -- find and watch videos from all of them using the free Truveo video search app.

Truveo is one of the leading video search engines on the Web and now we've made it quick and simple to find videos on the iPhone and iPod touch. Looking for the most Twittered video? We've got that. The latest music videos or clips from Comedy Central, CNN, ABC, Newsweek and other video sites? We've got those too. Full episodes from your favorite TV show? It's there as well. Whether you're looking for professionally-produced or popular, user-generated videos, Truveo video search makes it easy to enjoy millions of videos that are optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch experience.

- Search through more than 150 million videos, with new sites and videos added daily.
- Discover videos that people are talking about. We collect statistics every day on videos shared on Twitter, and show you the ones that got the most tweets.
- "What's Hot" features the most popular videos that users like you are searching for and watching. You can also find full episodes of your favorite TV Shows here, that you can watch right on your phone.
- Easily share videos with your friends.

** Update ** iPhone and iPod touch users have now watched over 15 million videos and done over 35 million queries using the Truveo Video Search application since its release last summer.

Thanks for making our product a success! We're going to continue to work hard to bring you the best video search experience on the iPhone and iPod touch.

To learn more about us or to use Truveo on your computer, please visit

Recent changes:
- Fix issue with thumbnails not being displayed properly on iOS > 4.2.1

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