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Karma Art

by Stylem Media
*** Apple Staff Favorite App May 2009 ***

~ E-mail, Twitter, Facebook built-in sharing
~ Downloadable Art Updates
~ New Illustrations: Karma is drawing and working as fast as she can! (:

Thank you all for being so patient with us.
We appreciate all your feedback and support.

If you ever find yourself in need of a quick, cute, artistic sentiment and don't have much time to spend on it then this might be the app for you. In minutes you can put together an endearing greeting for your significant other, make a flyer promoting an event, or . . . Well, that's up to you!

- Pick from over 50 different illustrations to add to your scene
- Pick from 12 different fonts (and choose any color you want)
- Save images directly to your photo library
- Load previous scenes from your scene history
- Use portrait mode or rotate to use landscape mode

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How To Use:

- Show the Main Menu
Tap the blue flower.

- Add Illustrations
Tap blue flower, then tap the + button to see a list of available illustrations. Tap on the one you want to add to the scene.

- Move Illustrations
Touch and hold the image you want to move with your finger. A light grey bounding box will appear indicating you've selected the illustration. Now you're free to move it.

- Add Text
Tap blue flower, then tap on Text icon. You can write as much as you want, pick your own font and color, then press the + button located in the upper right hand corner. Move text around as you see fit.

- Remove Illustrations or Text
Double tap illustration, press delete.

- Edit Text
Double tap the text, then press Edit Text.

- Change Font Color
Tap 'Select Font Color'. Tap screen to pick the color you want. A preview is available below. Tap 'Apply' when you have selected the color you want.

- Copy and Paste Illustrations or Text
Double tap the illustration you want to alter, press Copy & Paste.

- Save a Scene
Tap blue flower, then tap Save. Your scene is saved to your Photo Library and also the to your Scene History.

- Delete a Scene
Tap blue flower, press the Trash icon. Be forewarned that this will delete everything in your scene.

- Change the Background
Tap the blue flower, then press button that looks like paper.

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Recent changes:
- scale and rotate images - few new illustrations

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