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Headsup Omaha Poker

by Haolan Qin
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"Play poker with people you know, anytime, anywhere you go!"

This innovative iPhone app lets you play Omaha poker with another person face to face. It runs on both iPhone and iPod touch. It requires two iPhones/iPod touches and a WiFi to play.

If you are already an Omaha player, I don't need to tell you how fun it is. If you are an avid Texas Hold'em player, you should check it out and see what the fuss is all about.

It has two modes, i.e. shuffler/dealer mode and game mode.

In shuffler/dealer mode, this app merely shuffles and deals cards for you while you play heads-up live poker with your friend. It seems pointless at first glance. But if you actually ever tried to play live heads-up poker, you would most definitely appreciate this tool. Due to the unique nature of heads-up poker, the constant shuffling and dealing takes the fun away from the game and that's probably why you rarely see people play heads-up poker live.

In game mode, you and your friend play heads-up pot limit Omaha (PLO) on two iPhones/iPod touches. You get the best of both worlds. You enjoy the ease of computer poker and in the same time get to play live poker, watching your opponent's mannerisms/tells, talking to him for information or just sitting back, drinking beer and having a good time.

Get this app and play fun and exciting Omaha with your friends in the office, at a coffee shop and very soon even on an airplane!

New features and enhancements such as Omaha Hi/Lo are coming out soon. Get it today and start playing. All future upgrades will be free.

Recent changes:
email me: twitter: - Fixed bet amount text box crashing bug - Fixed "Peek" conflicting with all-in/showdown bug

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Headsup Omaha Poker Headsup Omaha Poker Headsup Omaha Poker Headsup Omaha Poker Headsup Omaha Poker

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