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Little Garbage Car in Action - for Kids

by Pocket Scientists
Garbage collection vehicles are unique. Those are the special trucks with 2-3 people on their backs hanging. A Garbage collection truck is generally not very fast and stops very often - in a village environment. But to deliver the junk and trash from the houses to the junkyard needs not only a special and very powerful truck, but a lot of patience as well. And playing with a garbage truck on a phone or a pad has a clear advantage. There are no smells at all! Kids generally adore those colorful and interesting collection trucks going on the streets, so they get now the opportunity to drive them in a simple, imaginary, cartoonish environment.

This game is ideal for kids, as it's a cartoon-like representation of a specialized garbage collection and delivery truck, so speed is not of an issue - obstacles are!

Kids like games, that are easy to understand. You goal here is very simple - deliver the junk as far as you can. Cartoonish top-down view and physics are simplified and help you to enjoy the driving experience of a garbage truck. The traffic is really for a slow truck, so everybody can play with the game easily. Obstacles and other objects are to make more fun with the game. The only thing you must take in account is the truck, no problem with any speedups or fuel problems. It's cute, nice, and entertains you for a long-long time.

Modern villages are the source of incredible quantity of junk and trash. Some people even thinks, that trash is slowly killing the environment. Thanks to the organized trash collection methods, that is not always true - if trash is collected and delivered to recycling a lot of important resources will be made from the junk. Cities and villages are the greatest source of garbage, so you must drive your funny trash collecting truck on the roads of a village, To make you more fun we made the game to be playable by casual gamers for the fun driving experience. The 3D cartoon graphics represent a traffic and towns even playable by younger boys and girls, so everyone can begin to collect some junk to deliver!

- Cartoonish graphics with simplified physics
- Simple driving experience
- Unique garbage truck driving fun
- Endless gameplay
- Garbage collection is a unique concept in driving games
- Different challenges: bottlenecks, heavy traffic, motorcycles, etc...
- Intuitive control methods: direct control using your fingers. Alternate controls with relative touch. Suitable for Kids
- 3D Environment
- Highway environment with traffic, vehicles and obstacles
- Lots of powerups: Slow Motion, Coin Magnet, Shield, etc.
- Different skins for your vehicle for added gaming fun.

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Little Garbage Car in Action - for Kids Little Garbage Car in Action - for Kids Little Garbage Car in Action - for Kids

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