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Martian Chess

by Neon Surge
Martian Chess (used to be Lunar Chess) is a digital recreation of Andrew Looney's classic treehouse / icehouse game now on your iPad/iPhone!

A fun and challenging board game,similar to traditional chess, with a smaller board and much quicker game play. In Martian Chess, pieces on your side of the game board are always yours.

This is a two or four player (iPad only) game, any of which can be players or computers of varying difficulty locally or challenge someone to a two-player game over the internet! Network play works over wifi, 3g, or edge.

It's a game of attrition and position, of challenge and strategy.

If you play too offensively, your opponent can come right back at you with the piece you attacked him, for once you take their piece, your piece becomes theirs! But if you're too defensive your opponent can corner you. You must find the right balance.

If you'd like to buy or get more information about Andrew Looney's original game Martian Chess, please see


Martian Chess is FREE and ad-supported, always and forever. If you loathe the advertisement there is an in-app purchase available to disable advertisements on all of your devices.

We hope you'll love and enjoy Martian Chess, please rate and review, and send us any feedback you have so we can make it better for you!

* The name Martian Chess is used with permission from Andrew Looney -
* Music and audio provided by DJ Hologram -

Recent changes:
- Renamed to the original name of the game, Martian Chess! - Fixed bug in 4 player end of game score screen - Fixed 4 player turn rotation bug - Various other minor bug fixes

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