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PlayScreen Poker

by PlayScreen
NOW WITH $20,000 FREE CHIPS! More than a game, a LIFESTYLE. Play Poker ANYTIME/ANYWHERE with PlayScreen™ Poker.

Make your mark in PlayScreen Poker, the BEST Poker game for the iPhone. Created by people who love playing poker. Connect with Facebook OR Game Center. You can even play on a airplane.

PlayScreen Poker allows you, the player, to defy the odds and create a path that leads your poker career to the very top,. Go from a brand new amateur player,with nothing, to living a the lifestyle of the rich and famous as the best poker player in the world. Your skills will allow you to live the good life with luxurious cars and jets, mansions, yachts, and even your own entourage. But it’s not going to be easy! There are plenty of other players that will be coming after you for that very spot. Are you ready for the challenge?

Game Features:

• FREE to play
• NOW with $20,000 in complimentary chips!
• No bars? No wifi? No problem. Even without any cell or Internet connection, you can still play in “Practice Mode”
• Play live against players from around the world
• Invite your Facebook and/or Game Center friends to a table, with up to 9 players at a time
• Career features allow you to chase your dream of becoming the world’s best poker player
• Start from the bottom and work your way up to a world-class, luxurious lifestyle
• Track your poker achievements throughout your career
• In-depth stats with detailed charts and analysis help you improve your poker skills
• Access in-game poker tips that can help you along the way, communicating different strategies and what to look for to help your improve your ability
• Acquire chips via play, achievements and other opportunities
• Free chips given to players on a daily basis


Please contact us with any suggestions or problems, email us at

Twitter: @PlayScreen

We value you as a customer. Do not hesitate to let us know about your experiences with our games. Thank you.

PlayScreen is a trademark of PlayScreen, LLC

Recent changes:
Bug fixes and Performance improvements.

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