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#1 SPORTS GAME IN ITALY #1 BOCCE GAME WORLDWIDE iPhone! New Bonus Scoring added ***** By far the best Bocce game in the app world ***** Simple and incredibly fun. FLICK your way to FREE FUN. Single or Party Play, iPod Music, Saves game in progress, 6 Locations, Post to Facebook/Twitter.

The Best Bocce Game for the iPhone is here. Take on the computer or challenge friends with the perennial pastime of backyard barbecues, beach parties, and family picnics ... PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL is the Most Popular Bocce game for your iPhone or iPod touch. BOCCE-BALL will be continually updated with new features and your suggestions.

With the 'swipe' interface you loved in the most popular iPhone games, the fun is maximized with an authentic simulation which allows for responsive and accurate results. Easy to play but hard to master, PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL allows you to use multiple strategies to win the game. Go for accuracy or knock your opponent's balls out of the court, even restart a round by bouncing the little white ball out of the court. The choice is yours.

Looking for a change of scenery? Take your game around the world to six different locations including; The Beach, Central Park, Stonehenge, the White House, and even the Pyramids of Egypt. Get a call in the middle of your game? Not a problem, your game will be saved and can be picked up right where you left off. Remain competitive and challenge your friends as you try and obtain high scores to post on Facebook and Twitter directly through the app.

PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL is officially approved by the American Bocce League and conforms to the rules of

Polish your flicking skills and then take your game around the world with PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL!

Stuff that matters:

* Swipe interface like the most popular iPhone games.
* Single or Party Play
* Post to Facebook, Twitter.
* Six locations from around the world to choose from.
* Saves game in progress
* Approved by the American Bocce League
* Play in-game music or your own iPod selections.

INCLUDES: Scoreboard app for your real Bocce games featuring the scoreboard.


* Control your throwing distance by changing the length of your swipe.
* You can move the ball to the left or right before throwing for better placement.
* Place your balls so your opponent knocks them closer to the little white ball.
* Knock the white ball away from your opponent's balls.


Please contact us with any suggestions or problems, email us at

We value you as a customer. Do not hesitate to let us know about your experiences with our games. Thank you.

Recent changes:
New bonus scoring, game tutorials, additional game feedback, new music, memory improvements

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