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BackStage HD

by Reandevou Software
BackStage brings the concert to you. When you go to a concert, you purchase a program guide, a teeshirt and watch the concert. BackStage replicates that experience and more. Once you download the application, you are instantly connected with your favorite artist. How do you ask, well BackStage follows the artist providing up-to-date photos, tweets, and video of band selection, rehearsals and more prior to the main concert.

When the tour is announced, don’t worry about missing that important ticket announcement, because BackStage will send you a notification to your mobile device.

During the tour, BackStage brings you even closer to the artist, how they prepare for a concert, their rituals and backstage buzz.

If you unfortunate to visit the tour in person, don't worry, once the tour concludes, BackStage will present a one night special concert for mobile and pad devices. For a full HD experience, those that have a mobile device and an Apple TV can participate in a never before broadcasted experience. Concert Collaboration, is what we call the experience where all attendees can chat through your iPad device, while watching the show through the Apple TV.

Make sure to pay attention, because your favorite artist could offer a special prize during the concert... and maybe a shout out to the first person that purchases their virtual concert ticket.

A single application that offers, never before seen footage from backstage, changing every step leading up to the concert.

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