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by Maker Studios
Learn how to build and play in Minecraft from Squid. The iBallisticSquid app streams all his videos directly to your iPhone and iPad.

Personalize Your Feed
The main feed of the app gives you easy access to the latest and most popular videos from iBallisticSquid. You can add sections to personalize your feed. If Attack of the B Team is your favorite show just navigate to the Minecraft page and click the blue plus sign next to the show title and that show will now appear in your feed.

Playlist Videos
Watch iBallisticSquid videos back to back with the playlist feature. Launched directly from the main feed or from within the video player the playlist let’s you watch your videos uninterrupted and at your convenience.

Share with Your Friends
It is easy to share videos to your network of friends with the iBallisticSquid app. Just tap the share icon in the player and all the apps that you have installed on your device that allow sharing will be available to you. Sharing videos is a great way to let your friends in on all the latest from Squid himself.

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