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Blackjack HD

by Haolan Qin
Blackjack HD is now a universal app! You can run this app on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, all for the price of only one copy.

Game Center support. Leader boards and all the bells and whistles.

Who doesn't like Blackjack? Experience real life like gaming on your multi-touch iPad today! Tap to "hit me", wave your hand to "stand" --- just like what you would do in a real casino. Only difference is, all the virtual chips are FREE so you can have loads of fun without having to worry about your wallet.

From the same developer who brought you the popular iPhone app "Headsup Poker Free", this is a must-have for any card game lover.

I have a track record of updating my apps often and building new features into the free updates. And let me assure you new features will soon be added to this iPad app (hint: check out "Headsup Poker Free" on your iPhone or iPod touch).

Recent changes:
- iOS 4.3 compatible! - Fixed bugs that cause cards to be missing sometimes when the app is restarted.

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Blackjack HD Blackjack HD Blackjack HD Blackjack HD Blackjack HD

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