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Pingoal EX

by Glauco Castro
Welcome to your good memories!
That time that you gathered with friends to play
that little toy machine made by your grandfather. Now those memories can be always in your pocket
available to play with friends or alone.

Are you too young and don't know this game?

Discover the infinite replay factor of this old school board game and share with friends
and family some bursts of healthy competition without any complication.

Call your "old man" to play "PinGoal EX" with you!

PinGoal EX is a portable, simple , and fun electronic toy, featuring 5 table designs
and a challenging virtual player to help you train to beat your friends and win
in exciting matches.

Enjoy the game while listening the songs of your own library!

Supports Retina Display. Even more vivid colors and graphics in HD also on your iphone 4!

PinGoal EX is fun for the whole family (and costs less than a microwave popcorn or a coffee cup)!

A tip for iOS4 users:
To minimize any performance problems due to multitasking,
quit periodically your unused open applications.
Doing this you can achieve a better gaming experience in general.

Recent changes:
Huge Graphical Improvements. Gameplay and Performance Tweaks.

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Pingoal EX Pingoal EX Pingoal EX Pingoal EX Pingoal EX

Rating: 2.5
23 ratings


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