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by Glauco Castro
Start your hockey session right now!
What kind of player you are? Aggressive? Tactical?

Flipper Hockey brings you the feel of a real a hockey game with an exclusive gameplay twist: "pinball flippers".

Simple and fun to play.

Master your hockey skills against a challenging virtual player or play against your friends on same device!

This game will keep you playing for hours. Guaranteed fun for all!

You don't need hours to learn how to play this games but you will need a lot of skills to master it.

Flipper Hockey was designed for people of all ages and skills.

Flipper Hockey is a portable and fun electronic toy.

Enjoy the game while listening the songs of your own library!

Key features:

- Perfect for 1 or 2 players
- Strong computer opponent
- Vivid graphics
- Awesome sounds and feel
- Supports Retina Display. Even more vivid colors and graphics also on your iphone 4!
- High replay rate

Recent changes:
8 new tables Graphical Improvements Huge performance improvements

Package name


FlipperHockey FlipperHockey FlipperHockey FlipperHockey FlipperHockey

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