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Happy Studio

by Fuel Games
Get the official app for McDonald’s Happy Studio online world! Our mobile app is designed for kids & parents to have fun together at McDonald’s restaurants activating glyphs you can find on the Happy Meal box and elsewhere, as well as play games, register for Happy Studio, and much more!
Happy Studio is a completely free online world created by McDonald's to empower kids with fun and educational games, experiences and activities that encourage family time, sharing and rewards while showcasing some of our famous character friends. Join the fun!

Recent changes:
Welcome to Happy Studio!  • Follow Happy as he takes you on a journey filled with fun and adventure! • Featuring loads of games like Happy Conga, Mix and Match, Happy Stars, and many more! • Adopt and care for your very own pet in the Happy Pets programme.  Take them for runs in the Pet Run game! • Colouring activities, puzzles, and other exciting things to explore. *Some content may not be available in all countries.

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Happy Studio Happy Studio Happy Studio Happy Studio Happy Studio

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