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by Stephen Slappe
Parallel dimensions, dystopic visions, and haunting noise.

Part short film, part game, and part video installation, 8 places users in the middle of a spherical video environment where their physical movements reveal events unfolding and repeating around them. Each scene has been designed as a loop, suspending space and time and inviting exploration. Users can navigate between scenes by simply tapping the screen and a series of navigation symbols can be used to move through the scenes in a variety of directions, without a true beginning or end.

Made by Stephen Slappe
Software by Jacob Fennell (Panda Parallax software engine)
Sound elements by Bryson Hansen
Graphic design by Nate Preston
Post-production by David McCutchen
Actors are Emily Galash, Dane Overton, Alicia Gordon, Rebecca Carlisle-Healy, Robert Burns, Zoe Bullock, Joe Noreen, Rachael Jensen

Supported by the following organizations:
The Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR
The Joan Mitchell Center, New Orleans, LA
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

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