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CatDoku - Cat based 81 Squares

Cat Sudoku - you read it right, it is a Sudoku game based on images of cats. Why, you ask? This is a game that marries two of my wife's favorite things - Cats and Sudoku. 20,000 solvable puzzles that are sure to keep you entertained for many hundreds of hours.

You will be hard pressed to find a Sudoku spinoff that is more challenging than this game. It takes away all of the familiar numbers and forces you to embark into real pattern recognition. This game is excellent training for your logical reasoning/deduction skills, along with general shape/pattern recognition.

In addition to the twist on the classical Sudoku puzzle, this game features the following enhancements:
1) Online scorekeeping and ranking (optional)
2) Cute kitty sounds

This game has been translated into every language the iPhone currently supports.

Apologies to my dear cats for shamelessly using their images in an attempt to entice new users.

고양이를 기반 스도쿠. 20000 분해할 수 많은 수백 퍼즐 당신이 시간의 접대로 유지해야합니다. 멀리 모든 익숙한 숫자의 소요와 당신이 진짜 패턴 인식에 착수한다. 당신의 논리적인 추론을 위해이 게임은 뛰어난 훈련 / 추론 능력과 함께 일반적인 형태 / 패턴 인식을 함께했다.

猫的游戏。 20000解字谜的肯定,让您娱乐,许多数百小时。它带走所有熟悉号码和部队你开始变成真正的模式识别。此游戏是优秀的培训为您逻辑推理/扣除技能,以及一般形状/模式识别。

кошка основывается судоку. 20000 решаемых головоломок, которые обязательно держать вас развлекали в течение многих сотен часов. Это отнимает все знакомые номера и заставляет вас вступить в реальные образы. Эта игра отлично подготовки логических рассуждений / вычет навыков, наряду с общей формой / образов.

kissa perustuu sudoku. 20000 ratkaistavissa palapelit, jotka ovat varmasti pitää sinut viihdyttivät monia satoja tunteja. Se vie kaikki tutut numerot ja pakottaa käynnistämään osaksi tosiasiallista tunnustamista. Tämä peli on erinomaista koulutusta varten loogista päättelyä / vähennys taitojen ohella yleismuoto / hahmontunnistus.

Recent changes:
Corrected translation issues.

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CatDoku - Cat based 81 Squares CatDoku - Cat based 81 Squares CatDoku - Cat based 81 Squares CatDoku - Cat based 81 Squares CatDoku - Cat based 81 Squares

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