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Untangle Space Out

by Apostek Software
★★★ Untangle Space Out has achieved US Top 100 ranking on iTunes. Also ranked in top 50 in multiple countries in Europe & Asia! ★★★

★"Untangle Space Out’s a great genre of puzzle and logic gaming: the gameplay is intuitive to understand, the style can be adapted to any setting and it’s full of untangle-type puzzles. And when I say full, I mean full.” - FreshApps

★"Untangle Space Out is one of the more interesting puzzle games that I’ve seen in a while on the iPhone" - Jason Lee, Nine Over Ten

★"You’d probably never play the same thing twice in Arcade, and that’s really cool."- Jason Lee, Nine Over Ten

★“The music in the game is well-done and very atmospheric.” - Fresh Apps

The makers of the top ranked 'Slot Machine' present "Untangle Space Out" - an extremely competitive galactic untangle puzzle for the whole family. Move the orbs around to untangle overlapping neon rays and solve the puzzle. Plan your moves, challenge yourself to think at the speed of light and become an Untangle: SpaceOutonaut!

Here's what some of our early reviewers have to say about the game...

★ “Good puzzle game that offers a brain teasing challenge!”
★ “Difficult and challenging! Just have to play around a little with it to get a hang of it. It’s got great relaxing music!” – The App Show
★ “Sleek user interface with some chilled out space-age ambient background music. Highly polished graphics with tranquilizing background music and futuristic sounds. Really impressive for a puzzle game.”

Combining beautiful backgrounds, ambient music and superbly thought out game play, Space Out makes every brain-teasing puzzle a challenge to remember! Enhanced game play with infinite variations via 'Blaster' and 'Frozen' orbs. Get access via In App Purchase.

Space Out is an intensely challenging puzzle game with unlimited replay value. Compete with other iPhone users for top rankings on the leader board! Brag about your skills on Facebook and Twitter!

More varied & challenging than The Plateau, Tangled and other untangle games. Space Out is the final frontier and this is your test! Are you ready?


● Two Fantastic Game Modes:
○ Challenge: 50 games spread over 10 levels of mind-twisting puzzles. Better your high score by replaying unlocked levels
○ Arcade: Infinite number of puzzles to keep you hooked! Every puzzle is unique and you can play on and on to your heart’s content
● Orb variations for enhanced game play
○ Blaster Orbs: If left uncapped they explode causing major disruption to your game! Or just let it explode and enjoy the resultant fun!
○ Frozen Orbs: Orbs randomly freeze up preventing you from finishing off the game within time. So be quick to unfreeze them and get additional 'unfreeze bonus'
● Bonus Rounds: Surprise bonus rounds to maximize your scores
● Leader board: Online global and regional high scores tracked daily, weekly and monthly
● Personal High Scores: Intuitive in-game stats showing your best time and moves. Better your high scores by replaying unlocked levels!
● Tangled up? Learn how to solve the puzzle by viewing the solution
● Comprehensive Help
● Practice Mode: Learn the ropes before you dive in!
● Mesmerizing intuitive graphics
● Multiple background scores to suit your mood. You can play your own music as well via the inbuilt iPod control in the settings screen

So, go ahead, download and revel in the challenge of Untangle Space Out.

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Recent changes:
Bug fix for the 'Buy Pro Version' link. V1.0 was directing users to an incorrect/older application instead of Untangle Space Out Pro.

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