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Oye Faction
★★★Story★★★ The ladybug want more water balls to drink, but it is not easy to collect the water ball. She need to cut the water balls line by matching 3 water balls with the same color. ★★★How to...
- Love -
Stark Apps GmbH
Are you looking for the right words to express your love? With this app you can: -- have a heart on your homescreen to... -- ...speed-dial your sweetheart -- always have a picture of your sweet one at hand -- if you...
Stephen Slappe
Parallel dimensions, dystopic visions, and haunting noise. Part short film, part game, and part video installation, 8 places users in the middle of a spherical video environment where their physical movements reveal...
-ナルト- Naruto
Doodle Wizard
ナルト(NARUTO-ナルト - NARUTO-ナルト - )は、現在進行中の日本の人気漫画シリーズです。プロットは、NARUTO - ナルト -...
! CrAzY eMoJi !
!!! work with iOS 4 !!! #1 on the Moon  #1 on the Jupiter  #5 on Mars  #10 at the Solar System  most popular app among green and gray aliens. Don't be afraid  to join them ... it so crazy...
! Prank Your Boss
Free Life Apps Ltd.
Ever wanted to put your boss in their place? There's now an app for that! :) New, creative, hilarious pranks to keep your life exciting at work. Daily ideas at your fingertips right when you need them. Share it with...
! Squeeze It Pro. Face Deformer & Wobble
Squeeze the fun out of your iPhone(or iPod touch)! Squeeze it PRO  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ Squeeze it Pro doesn't add the "Made with Squeeze it on my iPhone" text at the bottom of the saved images. The regular version...
! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble
Top Entertainment App in Japan, Italy, Romania, France and other nice countries. Squeeze the fun out of your iPhone (or iPod touch) ! Take photos of your friends or family members and have a laugh squeezing and...
! The mysterious castle - A simple but deep tile game for two player.
- Single player vs AI - Two players on the same device (hot seat) - Two players over Bluetooth or GameCenter Game video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfkjLexjsRw Замок на вершине. Простая и...
APO Products
Colors is a fast-paced arcade-reflex game with some very simple rules. Your objective is to find the right color on a board of different colored squares before the time runs out. When you tap the right-colored square...
!Moon Hunter!
In Moon Hunter, you must guide the moon across the sky to collect all stars to herald a new day! Just drag your finger across the screen to draw lines the moon can bounce off. But you must be quick! Take too long and...
Marco Song
FREE for Valentine's day! 什么是年?无论你在北京上海还是台北香港,年就是鞭炮,烟花和瑞雪!What is Nian? Wherever you are, Beijing or Shanghai, London or Paris, Nian is all about Fireworks and...
!Simon Sings
Igor Moskalenko
Game video: http://youtu.be/ISIe4E1cVw0 Simon Games are traditionally known in the form of toys. This version of the game fulfills the same objective; to challenge an in a way measure our memory retention capacity by...
!Yo Mama!
From the people that brought you: Choose This Or That? Choose This Or That? SEX A Redneck... Dumb Comments !Yo Mama! contains NEW and CLASSIC Yo Mama jokes you'll love to share with your friends or even use on your...
...and Little Ones too!
A5 Multimedia Ltd.
*** SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICING *** ...and Little Ones too! is an interactive children's storybook app which tells the tale of an invisible family and their magical adventures through the colourful world in which they live....
...in bed
Vincent Daempfle
Turn an ordinary fortune into a hilarious joke by appending "…in bed" at the end! You will be amazed how just two small simple words can make a boring fortune come alive! INSTRUCTIONS: Use your finger to flick the...
.50AE Desert Eagle 3D - GUN CLUB EDITION
The Binary Mill
From the makers of AAA GUN CLUB comes the most powerful and revered handgun (or should we say “hand cannon”) of all time – the Desert Eagle .50AE, in complete interactive 3D! Modeled in exact detail, this Desert...
.Anime Rock and Punk 004 Gratis
Ediciones Grey
Una vez más traemos para ustedes la revista Anime Rock & Punk, que ahora traemos todo nos engalanamos de hablar de una de las mejores bandas de la corriente visual kei Versailles, ademas de la belleza victoriana con...
The first entry in my Experiments in Gaming series which focuses on achieving a perfect marriage of design, simplicity, challenge, and fun across a variety of genres.
Zero Nine Consulting Ltd
Welcome to Babyface, the app that lets you transform photos of your child into a video! See how they change from day to day or week to week, with this revolutionary new application. It's so easy to forget how your...