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A Mice Smasher Ninja Slice Bug - Smash Clash PR
Chris Power
**THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS** Download and enjoy this new awesome app! Help keep the pests away! Help this restaurant retain its five-star status by making sure the kitchen is pests-free. Rats are coming...
Angry Bug Attack Smasher: PRO Fun Tap and Smash Game
Chris Power
**THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS** Download and enjoy this new awesome app! Protect the nice flowers in Flower Paradise. The bugs are swarming the in the valley and are destroying the beautiful plants in Flower...
Koichi Sato
Just imagine... Anytime, Anywhere, The Power of sound effects at your fingertips! The “sound” of the magic, a door bell, crashing sounds, thunder, a knock on a door, Sound effects are necessary in many performing...
SmartStep to Win
Trung Le
The game that activates your Math thinking! The game that challenges you to achieve maximum score. With this game you will try to find the path that maximises your income! When the game starts, you select a number on...
Fallas 2015 Valencia – fallera outfits and dresses -Premium
Alejandro Melero Zaballos
Version without ads. Stickers for Fallas 2015, al caloret. You are going to crack people up! Ja estem en falles! Mascletàs are coming, along with the sound of firecrackers, la nit del foc, the open-air dances at...
DeMa Remote Widget for Denon & Marantz
Control your Denon or Marantz AV Receiver from anywhere without opening an App, even from the notification center without having to unlock your phone. It is designed for everyday usage and allows control of Power,...
BirdsZone++ is a great database with awesome pictures and detailed info. You can view, edit, share, compare, add to favorites and even play quiz games with your favorite pictures and test your knowledge. - Pictures and...
Blow Balloon For iPad Pro
Take a deep breath and blow up the balloon, you will find the surprise! You only need blow on the microphone (which is at the bottom of your phone) 5 different kinds of balloon ready for you to blow! See how FAST you...
Maa Purnima
Tattoo Yourself is a recreational photo editing tool that allows users to digitally super impose life-like tattoo artwork onto any part of their photos’ subjects in seconds. Whether you want to add in a heart onto...
Jump And Down
Ting Wang
In this game, players Please note that the jump, do not fall down. 在这个游戏中,玩家请注意跳跃,不要掉下去了。
Italian History
Florian Dana
Italian History is an amazing collection app with the most interesting photos and info. Browse and compare, view in slideshow gallery and play a random quiz game to test your memory. Features: - Photos and info - no...
Virtual CDU 747
Victor Alfa Comercio e Servicos Ltda. - ME
This is an app for Flight Simulator addicteds. You don't need anymore to open a window on your FS to check or input information on FMC using your mouse. You can just do it using your tablet or smartphone connected at...
It's All Related
It‘s All Related: Operation word association activated! * Are you ready for some word association fun!? * You are given 3 words * All of which are related to a single word. * Objective: Find out which word they are...
Funny Mouth For iPhone Pro
Funny Mouth is real time mouths simulation application with your voice. Select any of the mouths and they will move in animate with your voice as you speak. Free 23 mouths, will fill you with lot of laughs. Get Funny...
Dino Craft
Aleksander Polanowski
Blocky Dino Craft for all ages 3 Game Mode 1.Epic Battles Gain experience by defeating other opponents. Level up your Dinosaurs to increase their health and attack 2.Crossy Dinosaur Road ,collect Coins and buy new...
Javier's New Tooth
Robin Winter
A fully interactive and exciting story-app which combines education, humour and undeniable cuteness. Designed for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and elementary / primary age children to explore alone or with a parent. The...
Biggest Button Box
Clockwork Dolphin
Bigger Sounds is a great high quality sound App designed with a huge number of buttons with cool extra loud crazy sounds! Simply tap on each button to hear something awesome! Sounds include guns, alarms, girls and...
ang gao
Basketball Duel
Dimitrios Christopoulos
Basketball Duel is a unique and addictive conversion of the classical arcade Basketball Tabletop game for mobile tablets. Challenge your friends face to face on the same device or practice against the AI and then beat...
Circle Pong HD!
Prakash Singh
No Adds,No In-App Purchase Unlimited universal game.This app is original circle pong pro version!. Circle Pong HD! is a modern twist on a classic game! The rules are simple. Keep the ball bouncing inside the circle....