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IH DIG for iPad

by Noble Canary
IH DIG (Industrial Hygiene Data Interpretation Game) is a game which illustrates the need for industrial hygienists to use statistical tools EVERY TIME they interpret sampling data.  Studies in professional judgment show that expertise is best developed through focused training with instant feedback.  The IH DIG is a fun app to help Exposure Assessors train their unconscious data interpretation algorithms to better match a Bayesian Likelihood analysis.

Each game consists of 20 datasets ranging from 1-8 samples each.  Players must first review the dataset's OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit), the displayed sampling data and then choose the AIHA category where the 95th percentile MOST LIKELY falls into.  Positive points will be given for correct answers and negative points will be given for incorrect answers.  The faster a correct answer is given, the more positive points are given.  There are no point differences by time for incorrect answers.

A "Super IH" can interpret data more quickly and accurately than a "Dart Throwing Monkey".   See how quickly you can consistently rate as a "Super IH"!

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