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Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso

by Headlight Software, Inc.
Professional poker player, Team PokerStars Pro and GoDaddy Girl Vanessa Rousso teaches you how to play better heads-up (1 on 1) poker in this fast-paced poker game. Play no-limit Texas Hold'em against Virtual Vanessa or challenge a friend to play head to head. Multiplayer games support Online multiplayer, Bluetooth wireless, or sharing a single iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

● Quick-play games for instant action.
● "Boot Camp" style instruction with 12 training games and challenges to help improve your poker play.
● Track your progress with awards and achievements.
● Strong Virtual Vanessa opponent keeps the game challenging even for advanced poker players.
● Exclusive "Bet Meter" teaches the importance of bet-sizing in no-limit poker games.

● Awesome online multiplayer. Play against anyone, anywhere! Challenge your Game Center friends, or let auto-match find someone for you to play against.
● Online multiplayer features Voice Chat. Both players must have WiFi connections, and enable voice chat.
● Local (bluetooth) wireless play is supported too. You and a friend, each on your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
● Or use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch like a chess board between two people to share and play on one device.

● Looks and sounds like a real poker game!
● Simple and intuitive controls keep the game-mechanics out of the way of the game-play.
● Hands are dealt fast with no waiting around.
● Based on the award-winning "Heads Up: Hold'em" poker engine.

Recent changes:
* Improved AI * Bug fixes

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Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso

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