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Body Language Max

by machapp
Learn 45 Body Language gestures for free.

Did you know? Communication is comprised of your spoken words (7%), your tone of voice (38%), and your body language (55%).

Thanks to this app, your body language will finally start working for you:
+ Intelligent learning system with 2 modes (memorizing and recognizing)
+ includes 45 gesture videos in 4 categories useful in your professional and private life.

Body Language Max Level 1 consists of 4 categories:
- Gestures of Power
- Gestures of Openness
- Reinforcements of Speech
- Questions Gestures

Understanding Body Language techniques can greatly improve an individual’s life.
Psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman has found that people usually prefer not doing business with someone who offers the best terms, but, rather, with someone they like.
A person who consciously uses body language reacts better in social situations and thus becomes more likable. Learn effective methods of doing so with Body Language Max. This will help in situations such as:
+ negotiations
+ interviews
+ seduction
+ sales

This app contains a video recording by Body Language Trainer Max - hence the app title "Body Language Max", an activist and politician.

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Body Language Max Body Language Max Body Language Max Body Language Max Body Language Max

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