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by Big Stone Phone
Talking Pics is a voice and audio recorder that lets you attach photos and written notes to each recording. Collections of recordings, notes, photos and maps are bundled into projects. You can play slideshows of projects or just review individual recordings whenever you want to.

Use it to store your thoughts, record your travels, or even to help remember a new face. Students and professionals alike will enjoy its ease of use and organizing abilities. Whatever you use it for, Talking Pics keeps your life in sync!

Perfect for such things as:

Family interviews or newspaper interviews.
Doctor visits! Never lose information again.
Meetings for work or brainstorming with friends.
Family trips to the zoo or a vacation.
Live music, demo recordings, found sounds.
Record traffic accident info right away.
Students lecture recordings.

Recent changes:
Increased stability and speed when taking and saving photos Improved look of Slideshow presentation on the phone Displays filesize of entries in Project lists of media Switch to much smaller JPG images maintaining high image quality Better support for file uploading to web browsers on various platforms FAQ help available without needing to be on a network

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