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Griffin Kiosk

by Griffin Technology
NOTE: This app is designed to work in conjunction with a Griffin Kiosk.

The Griffin Kiosk provides a secure public installation that turns an iPad into an interactive information center. The Griffin Kiosk app helps you create the experience you desire for your Kiosk visitors.

The iPad tablet's robust iOS architecture and Multi-Touch interface make it ideal for use in commercial and high-traffic locations.The Griffin Kiosk allows easy access to the Multi-Touch display but is tough enough to stand up to the intense, everyday use in medical settings, restaurants, retail establishments and others.

Just as your physical Kiosk lets you control visitors' access to the camera and Home button, the Griffin Kiosk app helps you focus the kiosk toward its intended use, and gives you the tools you need for control over multiple-kiosk installations.

- Identify each kiosk on your network by number or by name.
- Display a customized home screen.
- Set idle time limits to automatically return to the home screen, so that new visitors don't have to start where the previous user left off.
- Control public use by creating a list of web domains that your kiosks will be allowed to visit.
- Create a custom Navigation Bar visible on every screen, with easy shortcut buttons for links you set up.
- Receive email notifications from each of your kiosks if the device is unplugged, low battery, or subject to physical abuse.

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