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Yuan Zhen's Poems

by Changjie Yan
Yuan Zhen (779 - 831), the word micro, Henan (now Henan Henan Fu, Luoyang), a famous poet of the Tang dynasty. The parent element width, mother zheng. Northern Wei Imperial Emperor Wei Zhaocheng sun ten.
Yuan Zhen Yuan Zhen clever clever, but just name, and Bai Juyi, and the same, and formed a life-long friends, two people together to advocate the new Yuefu movement, known as the "Yuan Bai", poetry No. "element and body", to leave "have sailed the seven seas for water, except Wushan not cloud" the eternal sentences.
His speech light means Yuanzhen sorrow, as if Gu Feng Yin sad, very touching your heart. His biggest achievement in poetry creation. The poem creation, mainly influenced by Zhang, Wang Jian, and his "new Yuefu" is directly attributable to Li Shen. Works with legendary "Yingying Zhuan", "Chrysanthemum", "away from the thought of their five song", "sent compassion three first" etc.. Existing poems Babaisanshiyu song, poem, book, Ming Chao included remonstrance, discourse and a total of 100 volumes, left the world of a "Yuanshi Changqing Ji"
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Yuan Zhen's Poems Yuan Zhen's Poems Yuan Zhen's Poems Yuan Zhen's Poems Yuan Zhen's Poems

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