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The Bedsby Tales: Spooky Short Stories with Monsters, Myths, Ghosts and More!

by Jacob Duane Johnson
Made for Kids! Experience a chilling journey through the mysteries of the unknown. The Bedsby Tales is a fantastic episode and interaction driven bedtime series made for kids 9-12. Interact with the tale as it unfolds; choose what you would do when faced with something scary and solve puzzles to finish the story! Kids will love these spooky chillers and creepy tales!

Features Include:
- Episodic Stories - A series of chilling tales to follow! More episodes coming soon.
- Interactive Mode - Interact with the environment to progress the story.
- Autoplay Mode - Sit back and relax as the tale unfolds with no interaction required. Just like a movie!
- Beautifully crafted, real time 3D environments to increase immersion into Bedsby's eerie world!
- Subtitled Narration - Listen and follow along as Bedsby tells you a scary tale, narrated by Kevan Brighting (The Stanley Parable)
- Richly composed musical scores provide a spark to the imagination.

***EPISODE 1: Thoughts of Unknown - Now available!***

***EPISODE 2: Basement So Deep - Coming Soon

****NOTE: Thank you for all the great reviews, we are so thankful for all of you! We know the Episode 2 release is taking longer than we'd like, but please be patient because it's going to be worth the wait! If you have any questions regarding the release schedule, please contact us on our support page at or our news section at

****NOTE: Made for iPad Air 2 and is compatible with iPad 2 and up - Will not run on earlier devices****

Recent changes:
New interactions and added Bedsby animated Intro. Bug fixes to analytics API and other tid bits.

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