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Radical Drum Design Course For Polyplex
ASK Video
Learn Polyplex now with Matt Vanacoro with this video tutorial app! Native Instruments' Polyplex, with its Twisted Tool's design, is an unpredictable beat maker that delivers inspirational, unexpected results. Learn...
Paul Maxwell
Learn mental techniques to losing weight. Use these techniques(tools) to help resist urges to eat unhealthy food, eat slowly and properly. These tools will help condition your mind for losing weight. These tools are...
Norwegian Holy Bible - Bibelen på Norsk
Naim Abdel
Med dette programmet kan du lese alle bøkene i Det gamle testamente og Det nye testamente på din Iphone / Ipad / Ipod Touch. = > Innhold: - ALLE kapitler i 66 bøker i Det gamle testamente og Det nye testamente = >...
Copy Camera
Choi Yongun
Steal the skill of professional photographers! Steal the expertise of Artists! Take pictures with superimposed reference image. Imitation precedes creation. If there is no good original photos, even retouching may not...
Addressbook Image Fetcher - Contact Photo Grabber Extractor
Odd-Arne Dahle
Need to get contacts profile images back to your photo album? With this app you get contacts profile images by selecting a contact. Image will show in view and can now be saved in the photo album. NOTE: Addressbook...
Sandra Becker
Set of instruments for general aviation airplanes, free flight, ultra-light, gliders, hot air balloons on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Includes a real barometric altimeter and variometer for iPhone 6 and later and iPad...
Earache Remedies
"The Essential Earache Remedies App" Do you suffer from the agony of earaches? Looking for the best and effective treatments? Wether it is an adult or baby, earaches can cause not only major discomfort, but can also be...
How To Cure A Sore Throat Fast
"The Essential App To Cure Your Sore Throat The Fast And Natural Way" Do you suffer from sore throats? The grinding pain and agony is not only annoying, but is also an unpleasant disruption to your lifestyle. This app...
Chest Pro Daily Circuit Training Exercises That Fits Your Schedule to Burn Calories and Lose Weight
Gabriel Lupu
New ***** Create Custom Routines ****** Working out has never been this easy and convenient at home or on the go. Simply press play and achieve the summer-ready body you have always wanted without leaving the comfort...
Property Law Made Simple
Ned Snow
This app is a MUST for any law student studying Property Law or preparing for the Bar Exam. The app teaches the black-letter rules of property with simple, straightforward explanations. Many examples illustrate each...
Coffee Shop Finder - Live Status
Search Coffee Shop or Coffee House at near by you ? * Application is optimised for iPhone6Plus,iPhone6,iPhone5, iPad & iPod Touch Covers more than thousands Coffee Shop and CoffeeDays in worldwide. Find Coffee Shop and...
GE 6
DynEd International, Inc.
The smart way to English – DynEd Plus Line – Intermediate course You’ve made it to the Conversations: General English Level 6 Course. Thanks for continuing your English journey with us. To take the simple...
GE 5
DynEd International, Inc.
The smart way to English – DynEd Plus Line – Intermediate course You’ve made it to the Conversations: General English Level 5 Course. Thanks for continuing your English journey with us. To take the simple...
HAIL - Find your Friends in the Crowd
Hansjuerg Wuethrich
HAIL is a new fantastic communication tool - Find your friends in the crowd - Show your love - Call a taxi - Show that you want to pay (in Example: in a Restaurant) - Have fun on a party - Give signs - And many more...
TourHip! Riga guide
Ruta Vaska
"TourHip!" is a unique mobile app about the capital city of Latvia - Riga - in English, which provides tourists with interesting and exciting travelling experience on a smartphone or a tablet. "TourHip!" allows its...
Percent Calculater Pro : number percentage math value change calculator
Lim Peng hoe
Do you need to calculate Percentage of anything? Fast? This is the tool for you. Easily calculate % of anything. Money, proportions, fractions, sales etc. If there is a 37% sale on item, do you know what the actual...
Maxi 2048 - Hit the top number
Mahabur Rahpman
DISCLAIMER: this gameis inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/ Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same...
Thermal Compare
Damien Murphy
***Note this app requires a FLIROne Thermal Camera iPhone Accessory*** See: http://flir.com/flirone/ !!!Now with Apple Watch Support!!! Remotely view the Thermal Image Camera feed on your Apple Watch! Thermal Compare...
Tutorial HTML5
Job Ma
HTML5 is the latest and most enhanced version of HTML. Technically, HTML is not a programming language, but rather a markup language. This tutorial gives very good understanding on HTML5. ---include: *****HTML-5...