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Baseball Legend - Home Run World Challenge
Menno Spijkstra
__________________________________________ 'I Just Love Playing Baseball On My iPad!' So Much Fun To Hot That Ball As Far As You Can' 'The Game Sounds Are Very Realistic Here!' 'Love To Compare Batting Average With...
Beautiful Tropical Fishes Coloring for Kids Lite
"Beautiful Tropical Fishes Coloring for Kids Lite" is a coloring book application for kids. Tropical oceans with colorful fishes are an Earth's treasure. Enjoy coloring the pictures imagining such a splendid sea...
'B-INVESTOR: Magazine about How to Invest Money in the penny stocks and get a Passive Income
Julian Arias Ramirez
This Magazine will Help You with "Invest in Stocks", "Your Financial Freedom", "Gold Investments, AND A LOT MORE!" ======================================= *FREE BONUS: Premium E-Book for FREE with your subscription...
Happy Pet Balance: Which is the heaviest?
Happy Labs Pte Ltd
Which is heavier? A pot of plants or Professor Albert? A holiday gift box or 3 fishes? Let's find out! All is not as it seems! Figure out each object's mass using the weighing scales and select the heaviest item! As...
Bubble Lab Shooter 4
RisingHigh Studio
The mad professor's on a mission to save his Bubble Lab! Can you help him? First you need slightly insane bubbles, check! Grab a crisp new lab jacket, check ( you look great! ) Now enter the fun Lab Tower, race your...
Chicken Traveller Pro
This game sports big and small. The jump of this bird is wonderful. With its large displacements, displays their beautiful plumage. Every time you slide your finger on the device, the bird takes more height and...
Swap • Switch • Match • Align • Combine Crack the Dot Puzzle and enjoy our minimalist style game We wish you a most pleasant time You can contact us for technical difficulties or simple feedbacks at:...
Avant-Goût Studios
Destinée au 6-10 ans, Esca’Pad est une invitation à s’immerger dans le monde de la culture scientifique à travers un voyage entre la France et le Québec ! Lecture, dessins animés et jeux vidéo favorisent la...
First Piano Nursery Rhymes LITE - Play Along Keyboard
Alan Quinn
Children can now play their most loved songs with First Piano Nursery Rhymes! •Play along to popular children's songs •Easy to follow note highlights •Multiple instrument sounds •Free Play mode •An excellent...
1-2-3-4 for kids
This is a math game which all the questions and answers are combined by 1, 2, 3 or 4, plus and minus. See the question and choose the correct answer between 1, 2, 3 and 4. But you only have 8 seconds to answer. Give...
Grand Victoria Slots!-Rancheria Casino A new experience is awaiting you!
Jmay Live
A new experience is awaiting you! Play in our Grand Victoria Slots! - Rancheria Casino. Win lots of cash prizes and fun as you spin our slots! Featuring: Crystal clear HD graphics! All of the sounds of the casino...
xi li
Forward Youth
Jason PAlmer
Each Wednesday night, the doors open at 3:30 p.m. and the service starts at 7:00 p.m. We have free Wi-Fi, Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3, Wii’s, pool tables, a snack/coffee bar, and all the ESPN your brain can handle. FORWARD...
Fid.360 es una publicación digital de noticias que incluyen imágenes y videos, se sincroniza con nuestro servidor para mantenerte al día con las publicaciones que nuestro equipo de trabajo realiza.
kuohsun liao
是否有時候會遇到一些不會念的中文字呢?此軟體可以幫助您找到正確的念法,並且念給你聽。 * 感謝柑園國小廖珮晴同學提供美工設計 * 版權聲明...
Authentic games from the Casino floor!
Sit back, unwind and play your way through a fun casino game!. Features: Realistic sights and sounds to take you away! Hours of game play and wins! Facebook and Twitter integration! Multiplayer adventure (play against...
About LGBT Slots
Elisa Carvalho
########## FREE FOR LIMITED TIME ########## About LGBT Slots is a beautiful ands precious game of slots ! Enjoy the endless fun from this amazing slot machine! Get it now for FREE! TONS of FREE COINS - Awesome bonus...
Near Me Now
Stephanie Leung
Near Me is an app that shows you nearby places that you've saved in Foursquare, and sends you a notification when you're near any of those saved places. Simply find out what's nearby, and never miss a new place you've...
WeShot - 球迷必备相机
ZhiWei Liang
也许是全 App Store 最酷的球迷相机应用! 图片+球迷专属贴纸,锁定激情看球瞬间。 酷在哪? - 实时数据贴纸:对阵、比分、时间、场馆等信息通通有,一图胜千言 -...
Step In Friskvård
Step In AB
Med denna app kan du enkelt boka dig på pass hos Step In. Du kan: - Boka pass - Avboka pass - Ställa dig i kö för reservplats - Se dina bokade pass - Få dina bokningar inlagda i kalendern I appen loggar du in med...