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Name Rating Price
Robert Edyvean
With BuzzGuess, you can create a "name that tune" style music quiz game from the tracks in the music folders on your iOS device. You could challenge your friends compete with each other to be #1 on the Leaderboard,...
Bog Racer
Open Name Ltd
NEW TIME-KILLER! Pass all bridges and unlock all cars. In order to avoid falling into water, touch the screen when the car is approaching the edge of the bridge. Good luck! P.S. A car after the 150th bridge, is just a...
Boy Face Flow - Extreme Puzzle Mania
Mohan Rathore
Boy face flow- A fun & addictive game with t wo modes of playing : Normal or Blitz. Aim of game is to connect same colored boy face. Connect red to red, blue to blue & so on with as low moves as possible. Terms used in...
Blue Fish Bingo: Big Win Party Edition - FREE
Wavelength Laboratories, LLC
Play the ultimate bingo game! It's highly addictive and hard to put down once you start playing. Race against the clock with 120 seconds in Blue Fish Bingo. As the bingo balls drop, click on your bingo card when the...
Catch bombs as they fall one after another! Fight until the end as Black Panda's pranks become more and more difficult! Black Panda likes to play with fire and, as usual, he is raining down bombs from the building...
Paymentus Corp.
Birmingham Waterworks mobile app powered by Paymentus Corporation. This application allows users to enroll and pay Water utility bills from an IOS device.
Calculator Dojo Lv99
Conquer 99 levels! A quick calculation training game played by using a calculator is finally on the store. Solve addition, subtraction, and more complicated operations using memory functions. Can you complete all the...
The Phantom PI Mission Apparition
Rocket 5 Studios Inc
** Release sale! 50% off for a limited time! ** The Phantom PI Mission Apparition is a spooky, puzzly, rock’n’roll fueled adventure game starring a paranormal investigator who specializes in helping ghosts who are...
Boon - a photo contest in your pocket. Not sure which selfie to post? Boon your friends for the answer. Wondering if you've got the best team spirit? Send a boon out to your fellow fans. Can't wait for your friends...
Bobby spacecraft
The complete solution for the game Bobby Aboard. Bobby, the alien explores new faraway planets. His ship is broken and does not transfer him back to the cab. Use suckers to help Bobby get back to the ship.
Brain Duel
BBG Entertainment GmbH
Brain Duel – who is the smartest person around... or across the whole world? Quiz-type duels are a thing of the past. Say hello to Brain Duel. Now you can measure your brain fitness online and in real-time in duels...
Brain Splotch Free
Give your brain a workout with this fun and challenging game inspired by the Stroop Test. How good is your brain’s ability to focus while receiving conflicting signals? Find out! The moving screen is filled with the...
Breakfast Shop
shao zheng
Hey Gals, its breakfast time and babies are very hungry. Unfortunately their mummy has gone out of town for seven days and their caretaker comes in afternoon, so can you help out these babies?? Serve these babies some...
Bounzy 2
Leave no stone unturned to destroy zombies.
Brain Zombies
Place your limited supply of brains near graves to lure zombies into traps. Kill zombies by shooting them, blowing them up with mines, crushing them with boulders, or causing them to fall into toxic waste.
Bovins AV
ARSOE de soual
Cette application permet aux éleveurs acheteurs de reproducteurs bovins laits ou viande de consulter des animaux à vendre issus d'élevages en contrôle de performances et sélectionnés sur leurs performances et...
Kylie Williams
conference app for Supernovae in the Local Universe Conference
Bulletproof Food Detective
The Bulletproof Executive
Whether you are a bio-hacker or just concerned about your health, Bulletproof Food Detective assists you in your quest for peak performance and a healthier life. Bulletproof Food Detective has two main components:...
BMIR Player
Joshua Alger
The BMIR Player for iOS is a music player application for the online music stream The application also allows you to use Twitter and/or Facebook to show what current song you are listening to on...
miss A SHAKE
dooub inc.
Secret sweet nothings 'Hush' by miss A miss A whispers words of love 'Hush' to a lover Official game for miss A is finally here! Download now and Shake to the music by miss A! ******************************** ◆Touch...