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Saudi NFC
الإصدار التجريبي من برنامج النصر السعودي و الذي يجمع لكم جميع اخبار الكرة في البيت النصراوي في برنامجٍ واحد به المزايا...
Revenge Run
Lena Bylov
What would you do if an ALIEN stole your BOOMBOX? ...exactly!! - Well, you could do all of that in this fast paced, action packed, new kind of infinite runner!!! There are NO same old boring coins to collect, instead...
Blaulicht - Dein eigenes Warnsignal
Thomas Gerlach
Verwandle dein iPhone in ein mobiles Warnsignal. Passe die Farben an deinen individuellen Gebrauch an und sorge so für Aufsehen. Einfach dein iPhone hinter die Windschutzscheibe legen oder hinter der Sonnenblende...
Chaoyun Lu
A Buzz Bee Bumble - Feed the Bees Pro Version
Gary Wagner
Take Buzz Bee on a grand adventure. Collect honeycombs for food, stars and treasure for loot, but avoid the nasty wasps, balloons and traps. Use your invincibility power up to pop balloons. More fun than a barrel of...
Gianluca Raftacco
I’Mdress is a simply app that allow you to organize all of your dress with information like: -Type -Brand -Colour -Season -Size -Details -Photo The stored dress can be used to compose different outfit for season or...
Sister's Christmas Dress Up Pro
Grishma Parmar
Sister Christmas Dress Up presents another collection of simple Dress Up Games made for little girls. With lovely collection you can select from a number of fabulous hair styles and various dresses colors! Combine...
Tip & Tumble
Idle Complexities Ltd
Think you've seen it before? Think again. These tilt mazes require logic not dexterity to solve. This is an extended collection of tilt-based logic mazes, as featured at Now developed for iPad, iPhone,...
Ookii Squiggles
It’s okay to color outside the lines! No one is too young (or too old!) to create! Join Ookii, the lovable dinosaur, as he guides your little one on a fantastic voyage of creativity, where a child’s simple...
Scary Booth Me & Zombie my face picture effect
Gil Shtrauchler
Scary Booth and Zombie your photos - Pro version Now with more then 15 different Zombie photo booth Now Compatible with IOS8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Every time you start the app you can have New Zombie photo booth....
3D开放场景超战斗横版格斗手游 超级视觉盛宴,全模式3D,畅享体验 骁勇坐骑天降神兵,微操组队帮派混战 全新趣味玩法,掀新一轮尖叫,即刻开始体验吧...
Sirio Don
Soundmatic makes impossible! With both All Access and the standard service, the Soundmatic app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. Features: ● Background playing is supported: Continue playing playlist...
Whale Tracker
Naked Whale Research
A user friendly whale and dolphin sighting reporting application that walks spotters through basic encounter questions such as number of animals, direction of travel and behavior. The phone’s GPS will aide in...
jr-hsiung wang
WaCard是一款輕巧,易於上手的信用卡管理的APP。 有了WaCard您再也不必煩惱記每張信用卡的結帳日、繳款日。...
Ghost Keys Keyboard - Typing Tutor
demografix pty ltd
The Ghost Keys keyboard displays the letters until you start typing. Pause your typing, and the letters will fade back in. The fade-in speed can be set as very slow, slow, normal, fast and very fast via the settings....
Spot The Tag
Looking for a great way to incentivize and entertain the kids on a long road trip? Are we the only parents who seem to have a couple of very hard-to-please kids who seem to get greater satisfaction from squabbling with...
Ace of Slots Machine - Christmas Party Spin A Puzzle Cocktails to win big prizes
Weerapong Ladsena
Ace of Slots Machine - Christmas Party Spin A Puzzle Cocktails to win big prizes is a pocket slot in your hand. Let's fun with the Cocktails Night Party, just place your bet, spin the wheel, and win the coins! You will...
A Delicious Papa Pizzeria Fast Food - Pizza Manager For Boys And Girls Pro
Chris Power
**THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS** Download and enjoy this new awesome game! Do you have what it takes to become the world’s greatest chef? Put your cooking skills to the test as you feed starving and grumpy...
Art Creative Paint Puzzles
Wei Ping YU
Art Creative Paint Puzzles is a painting app designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Rewritten from the ground up, Brushes 3 is universal — the same version runs on both your iPhone and your iPad....
A T20 Power Ball Cricket Premier Fever - Worldcup Bowling Championship Pro
Chris Power
**THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS** Download and enjoy this new awesome game! Play cricket in a different kind of way. This is not your usual cricket game where you play with an opponent team. This game involves...